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The Pacific halibut has supported a major commercial fishery on the West coast of the United States for over 100 years. In the past, the halibut fishery was managed by a policy of open access which led to an overcapitalized fishery and raised...
1997-04-02 (iso8601)
Given the current state of our oceans, the Pew Oceans Commission (1993) has strongly recommended that increased efforts be made towards ocean literacy. Informal education and outreach programs like the Whale Watching Spoken Here program are...
2007-10-22T19:50:40Z (iso8601)
Wave-induced circulation is the defining characteristic of the nearshore. Within this region, the constant feedback cycle between incoming waves, wave-generated currents, and the mobile sediment bed is responsible for the evolution of complex...
2007-10-22T17:27:50Z (iso8601)
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