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This study involves monitoring the surface waters of the Lower South Platte River and its tributaries, assessing salinity and water levels at several groundwater observation wells, and mapping soil salinity levels throughout the District...
Corn production was compared from 2004 to 2007 for three plant populations (26,800, 30,100 or 33,300 plants /acre) under conventional, strip and no tillage systems for irrigation capacities limited to 1 inch every 4, 6 or 8 days. Corn yield...
Aspinall Awards Luncheon program with keynote address by Gale Norton on George W. Bush's policy for water in the West, highlighting perceived successes. Topics include the Endangered Species Act, Water 2025, federal water administration versus...
Images of unlined irrigation canals

Images of open irrigation ditches in Colorado and New Mexico

Images of pump houses and pipes in Prospect Valley, Colorado, and near Stuttgart, Arkansas

Images of pipeline and riser installation; note with pictures reads, "Transportation - Underground Pipe - Transit. White Sands Beach Club Job 1960, Risers every 180 feet for Sprinkler Pipe Connection."

Images of irrigation water in field and orchard furrows
Images of lined ditches and ditch lining activities on New Mexico and Colorado farms

Images of check dams and other diversion structures in laterals and head ditches

Images of pumps and pump houses in Arizona, Nebraska, and Missouri

Images of men constructing a farm storage pond. Note in prints folder reads, "Near Brighton Colorado for production of fish and for irrigation. Lined with Vinyl Plastic. Shiparo"

Image of man driving tractor pulling ditching machine along lateral
Images of stand pipe and pump houses in eastern Colorado

Images of concrete drop structures in fields

Images of pumps pulling water from canals and rivers into fields or storage containers

Images of fields flooded by irrigation and an image of a border drag

Images of siphon tubes used to transfer water from head ditches to furrows

Images of sprinklers irrigating fields. Many images are from Valley irrigation sprinkler systems

Images of lined ditches and ditch lining activities on New Mexico, South Dakota, and Colorado farms

Image of men standing near pump house and pipe
Image of men walking along edge of hole; erosion evident
Images of lined canals or canal lining projects. Image 10 caption, "Irrigation canal 35' wide and 6' deep lined with butyl rubber sheet near Tucumcari, New Mexico"

Images of weedracks, pipelines, and culvert at the Colorado State University Farm in Fort Collins and at the Stroh Farm near Wiggins, Colorado

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