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Transcript of a meeting of the North Platte River Commission held in Washington, D.C.
Sections 9, 10, 15 - 17 T6 and 7N R68W. Scale 1 in. = 1,000 ft. Capacity information and landowners adjacent to and under reservoir.

Speech about U.S. Bureau of Reclamation projects.
T8N R67 - 70W. Scale 1 in. = 200 ft. Shows various reservoirs of North Poudre Irrigation and Poudre Valley Reservoir Company. Includes textual description of the canal.

Speech about a land appraisal and acquisition conference and the Department of Justice's role.
Section 13 T10N R70W, sections 23 and 26 T10N R70W. Horizontal scale 1 in. = 100 ft., vertical scale 1 in. = 10 ft. Shows hydraulic sections of ditch, original and present capacities. Filed in Larimer County District Court 1916.
Report on policies for repayment contract adjustment, the proposed repeal of the 1890 Act, and proposed legislation relating to federal taking of irrigable land for nonagricultural use.
Sections 32 - 34 T8N R69W, sections 3 and 4 T7N R69W. Scale 1 in. = 200 ft. Shows Cache la Poudre River, Great Western Sugar Channel and Direction of Flow.

Sections 19, 30 - 32. Scale 1 in. = 500 ft. Shows old and new ditch, headgate locations, area irrigated and surrounding landowners, 1911.
Plan to indentify Forest Service actions needed to manage and protect the Cache la Poudre and adjacent lands. Priority project will protect the river, increase safety, and improve recreation activities.
Statement about the Garrison Diversion Unit, part of the Missouri River Basin project, as well as a Senate report.
A rafting trip on the Green River
Assessment of Colorado River Situation; support for ratification of treaty with Mexico
Bibliography of collector books related to the exploration, documentation and development of the western United States and water located there

Speech about reclamation in the western United States.
Utah locations, including Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge
Office diary of James Ogilvie, project manager and assistant regional director for the United States Bureau of Reclamation in Colorado
Map of Eagles Nest Reservoir as surveyed by J. R. Wortham in 1908 in Weld County, Colorado. Includes Engineer's Affidavit and Applicant's Certificate.
Data notebooks regarding surface water, groundwater interchange, and flow correlation on the South Platte River

Speech about the history of federal reclamation projects in the West.
Map of the Moran Ditch in Weld County, Colorado, commissioned by Elizabeth Moran, including detailed description of the ditch as to location, land to be irrigated, carrying capacity, estimated cost to build, and the start date.
Carpenter's synopsis of interstate river compacts
Amendments and opposition to the Casper-Alcova water project

Sections 19, 24, 25 and 30 T9N R68 - 69W. Scale 1 in. = 1,000 ft. Shows capacity information.

Speech about federal investment in water and land resources development.
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