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Images of Grand Coulee Dam, including dam construction

Images of area around Scoggins Dam and Grand Coulee Dam as well as an unlabeled festival
Aerial images of Glen Canyon Dam, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon

Images of dams and reservoirs in the United States, Italy, France, and Mexico, as well as plans and charts for many of the dams

Dams, rivers, reservoirs, analogs, maps, and charts, many of the latter relating to Glover's research on groundwater. A few images show people, including some of Glover's CSU colleagues.

Specifications 2329. Contractor: Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc. and Peter Kiewit Sons' Company. This aerial view of the Grand Coulee Dam area shows the status of progress on the construction of Grand Coulee pumping plant and feeder canal. The...
Construction of the Pumping Plant Structure, Grand Coulee Dam, Coulee Dam, Washington. Installation of pumping unit P-2 discharge pipe, showing reinforcing steel being placed in concrete form is the square opening of the blockout which extends...
The 190-ton scroll case for 103,000 horsepower Allis-Chalmers hydro turbine unit being installed in the west powerhouse at Grand Coulee Dam. This unit consists of several radial and on straight section of welded plate steel riveted with double...
The exposed portions of the pumping plant discharge pipes gleam brightly in the sun with their coat of aluminum paint. Symbolic of the entire Columbia Basin Project--this picture shows Coulee Dam holding back the waters of the Columbia River...
Construction of the Pumping Plant Structure, Grand Coulee Dam, Washington. Installation of pumping unit P-2 discharge pipe, showing the concrete form around the outlet tunnel, placement of reinforcing steel and in the center close to the concrete...
View of Grand Coulee from west bank. Cranes visible on bank.
1 map : 26 x 43 cm. Scale: 1 in. = 400 ft. Inset: Section thru dam This is a very preliminary design map showing how a dam could be placed at Grand Coulee. Initial excavation for a dam there didn't begin until 1933, by which point...

View shows progress of P-1-Second Stage Phase two. Suction elbow installation to date. Contract 12r-18156. Contractors-Morrison Knudsen Company Inc. and Peter Kiewitt Sons-Grand Coulee Dam, Columbia Basin Project.
View of the west abutment from the east parking lot showing the discharge pipes, dam pumping plant and Coulee Dam.
Col. Basin Proj., Grand Coulee Dam.--Lowering the turbine runner for the No. 1 Shasta Dam generator, of 75,000 kw. Capacity, moved to Grand Coulee Dam with another machine of like size to expedite delivery of new power to Pacific Coast war...
""Look at that beautiful water, Maw,"" exclaimed Mr. George C. Green to his wife as the viewed the Grand Coulee Dam spillway from the parking lot overlooking the west powerhouse. His statement was not unusual in the way of tourists but the mode of...
Aerial view of construction of Grand Coulee Dam
Col. Basin Proj., Grand Coulee Dam.--Rotor for main generator unit L-6 in the west powerhouse at Grand Coulee Dam being carried to final position by two overhead travelling cranes using an equalizing beam. The rotor, 31 feet in diameter, weighing...
Approximately 750,000 tons of granite will be used to loop the banks of the Columbia River below Grand Coulee Dam, protecting the shores against the 10-million horsepower in energy which the waves spent after their 350-foot fall over the dam....
distance view of the future site of Grand Coulee Dam. Excavation equipment may be seen in lower-left.
View of the construction on Grand Coulee Dam
Distance view of the future site of Grand Coulee Dam.
Distance view of the future site of Grand Coulee Dam. Excavation operations may be seen in foreground.
Specifications 2329, Morrison-Knudsen So., Inc. and Peter Kiwit Sons' Company. Progress view showing initial construction on the pump discharge outlet structure. On the right can be seen the completed invert of P-1 and P-2 conduits with the...
Specs # 2329, Contract I2r 18156, Contractor, Morrison-Knudsen Company Inc. and Peter Kiewit Son's Co. View looking north showing progress made on pumping plant including office wing, parking area, gantry crane, and storage building P-9 through...
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