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Entrainment of fine sediments by turbulent flows


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Title Entrainment of fine sediments by turbulent flows
Creator Sutherland, Alexander James
Description A study was made of the means by which turbulent flows entrain sediment grains from alluvial stream beds. Entrainment was considered to include both the initiation of sediment motion and the suspension of grains by the flow. Observations of grain motion induced by turbulent flows led to the formulation of an entrainment hypothesis. It was based on the concept of turbulent eddies disrupting the viscous sublayer and impinging directly onto the grain surface. It is suggested that entrainment...
Publisher California Institute of Technology
Date 1966-06
Type Report or Paper PeerReviewed
Format application/pdf
Identifier Sutherland, Alexander James (1966) Entrainment of fine sediments by turbulent flows. California Institute of Technology . (Unpublished) <>

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