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Particle collisions and coalescence in fluids


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Title Particle collisions and coalescence in fluids
Creator Valioulis, Iraklis Anestis
Description Coagulation, in the physical context, is looked upon here first from the fundamental perspective of collision and coalescence of individual particles. A Monte Carlo technique is used to investigate the particle size distribution in a suspension of coagulating particles when one or more collision mechanisms operate. The effect of interparticle forces - hydrodynamic, van der Waals' and electrostatic - on the collision probability of the particles is examined. The results obtained are used to...
Publisher California Institute of Technology
Date 1983-03
Type Report or Paper PeerReviewed
Format application/pdf
Identifier Valioulis, Iraklis Anestis (1983) Particle collisions and coalescence in fluids. California Institute of Technology , Pasadena, CA. (Unpublished) <>

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