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Farmers, Lenders and Water Districts Response to Texas

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Title Farmers, Lenders and Water Districts Response to Texas
Description There are 6.4 million irrigated acres in Texas with 80 percent irrigated from ground water and 20 percent irrigated from surface sources. This is compared to 8.6 million acres irrigated in 1979, a dramatic reduction. Total acre feet of water applied annually is approximately 8.8 million. This is 60-65 percent of all water use in Texas. However, irrigated land contributes about $2.0 billion of output annually which has an economic impact to the state of over $6.0 billion. Thus, irrigation is...
Date 2007-11-30T21:30:54Z 2007-11-30T21:30:54Z 1993-11
Type Technical Report
Language en_US
Relation TR-164;
Publisher Texas Water Resources Institute

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