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Interbasin movement of ground water at the Nevada Test Site

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Title Interbasin movement of ground water at the Nevada Test Site
Creator Winograd, Isaac J.
Description The present paper presents hydraulic evidence for the interbasin circulation of ground water through carbonate rocks of Paleozoic age at the Nevada Test Site. An integral part of this evidence is the discovery that aquifers in alluvium and tuff, formerly thought to be the principal aquifers at the Test Site, are semiperched above a thick tuffaceous aquiclude that separates them from the carbonate rocks. This paper is based on one of the studies being made by the GeologicalSurvey for the...
Date 1962-03-01T08:00:00Z
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Publisher Digital Scholarship@UNLV
Subject Groundwater Groundwater flow Hazardous wastes Nevada--Nevada Test Site Rocks Carbonate Environmental Health Environmental Health and Protection Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment Environmental Monitoring Fresh Water Studies Geology Hydrology Natural Resource Economics Stratigraphy Toxicology

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