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Historical patterns of phytoplankton productivity in Lake Mead

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Title Historical patterns of phytoplankton productivity in Lake Mead
Creator Prentki, Richard T. Paulson, Larry J.
Description Lake Mead was impounded in 1935 by the construction of Hoover Dam. The Colorado River was unregulated prior to then and therefore was subjected to extreme variations in flows and suspended sediment loads. Hoover Dam stabilized flows and reduced suspended sediment loads downstream, but Lake Mead still received silt-laden inflows from the upper Colorado River Basin. The Colorado River contributed 97% of the suspended sediment inputs to Lake Mead, and up to 140 x 1O6 metric tons (t) entered the...
Date 1983-01-01T08:00:00Z
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Publisher Digital Scholarship@UNLV
Subject Algal bioassays Freshwater fishes Hydrobiology Hydrochemistry Lake Mead (Ariz. and Nev.) Phytoplankton Sedimentation analysis Aquaculture and Fisheries Biochemistry Biology Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment Environmental Monitoring Fresh Water Studies Natural Resource Economics Natural Resources and Conservation Natural Resources Management and Policy Water Resource Management

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