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Using local citation data to develop a locally relevant water resources information guide

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Title Using local citation data to develop a locally relevant water resources information guide
Names Wirth, Andrea A.
Mellinger, Margaret
Date Issued 2011-06-02 (iso8601)
Note Poster presented at The Oregon Water Conference, Corvallis, OR May 24th-25th, 2011.
Abstract Citation analysis can inform many aspects of information science and can support research endeavors in a discipline as well. Citation analysis in librarianship often addresses either collection development and management issues or information literacy aspects of students’ information resource use. A basic benefit for librarians doing local citation analysis is tracking specific ways information resources are being used. This type of analysis can be shared with researchers who want to know about valuable resources their colleagues are using. One method of sharing this information is through online subject guides. Developing research guides for specific subject areas is a common practice for academic subject librarians. The guides highlight resources available locally and regionally (print and digital) and often highlight selected relevant free internet resources (such as government agency information). The purpose of the guides is to help scholars navigate the complex web of resources available to them. Research guides are typically developed for a specific audience – primarily researchers at a university. Populating a research guide with content relevant to undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty, and that is also freely accessible to the general public can be challenging. The authors of this poster session will demonstrate the value of a local citation analysis (in this case on Water Resources Program theses and dissertations published from 2004-2009) in the creation of a well-rounded water resources subject guide. The authors will overview the citation analysis findings, apply those findings to development of the guide, and highlight aspects of the guide improved by the citation data. The authors anticipate that commonly referenced books, journals, and web resources will be integrated into the guide as a result of their analysis.
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Topic citation analysis

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