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Installation of turbines and generators--lowering tubine

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Title Installation of turbines and generators--lowering tubine
Creator Pomeroy, F.B.
Date 1942-10-15
Description Col. Basin Proj., Grand Coulee Dam.--Lowering the turbine runner for the No. 1 Shasta Dam generator, of 75,000 kw. Capacity, moved to Grand Coulee Dam with another machine of like size to expedite delivery of new power to Pacific Coast war industries. The wheel is seen as it is entering the well at el. 979. The weight of the runner with its 41 1/2"" shaft is about 85 tons.
Subject Power plants--Washington (State)--Grand Coulee Dam--1940-1950;
Coverage United States--Washington (State)--Grant County Grand Coulee Dam
Source PG 94, Box 1, Installation of Turbines and Generators, 3 10737
Identifier 94-3-10737,1021
Publisher University of Idaho Digital Initiatives Special Collections and Archives, University of Idaho Library:
Language eng
Type Still Image
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Rights Public Domain

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