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Water Plan Opposed Here

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Title Water Plan Opposed Here The Paris News
Creator Unknown
Date July 1, 1966 1960-1969 Digitized: 2013
Relation Edward C. Fritz papers, 1950s-2008 MARC record: Finding aid: a1986_1371_117_22_03_paris.tif; a1986_1371_117_22_03_paris.pdf
Description A lead article from The Paris News reporting on the opposition to the Texas Water Plan. The plan included the diversion of water from the Red River to the proposed Trinity River canal, which had been authorized for construction by Congress in 1965. Ned Fritz served on the steering committee of the Texas Committee for a Balanced Water Plan, formed in response to the Texas Water Plan, with the aim of preventing environmental damage from damming and canalization. Restricted access.
Subject conservation of natural resources; environmental policy; water supply; Texas Water Development Board; Texas Water Plan; Red River; Trinity River; Paris; Texas
Source 1 sheet; 29 x 22 cm. Newspapers
Type Text
Format Displayed as .pdf; 1 page, 1.2 Mb Archival scan: 600 ppi Digitization process: Archival scans of each page created at 600 ppi; .pdf created and compressed in Acrobat.
Identifier Box 117, Folder 22 A1986.1371 1966-07-01_paris a1986_1371_117_22_03_paris_opt.pdf Edward C. Fritz papers, 1950s-2008
Publisher DeGolyer Library Central University Libraries, Southern Methodist University
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