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An evaluation of the role of adaptation in salmon evolution using genome based approaches

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Title An evaluation of the role of adaptation in salmon evolution using genome based approaches
Creator Brieuc, Marine Servane Ono
Subject Chinook salmon; Evolutionary genetics; Genome mapping; Polyploidy; Population Genomics; Selection and Adaptation Fisheries and aquatic sciences Evolution & development Genetics fisheries
Description Studying the results of selection may provide insights into the extent of adaptation, processes affecting population divergence, and gene diversity. Here, the role of adaptation in salmon evolution was evaluated at different taxonomic levels using genome based approaches. The first part of this thesis was aimed at developing a bioinformatic methodology to detect genes under selection on a large scale in non-model species. In such species, coding sequences can be incomplete because of limited... Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Washington, 2013
Contributor Naish, Kerry-Ann
Date 2013-11-14T21:00:53Z 2013-11-14 2013
Type Thesis
Format application/pdf
Identifier Brieuc_washington_0250E_12098.pdf
Language en_US
Relation S1_1.txt; text; S1.1-blast_it - Script for automated BLAST with instructions. S1_2.txt; text; S1.2-clustal_align - Script for automated CLUSTAL alignment. S1_3.txt; text; S1.3-sequence_trim - Script for automated sequence trimming; uses the output file from S2_1Linkagemaps.xlsx; spreadsheet; Linkage maps; S2.1.1: Consensus haploid map; S2.1.2: Diploid map. S2_2.pdf; pdf; S2.2: Percentage of heterozygous offspring in the gynogenetic diploid crosses along all chromosomes.. S2_3DoubleCrossovers.xlsx; spreadsheet; S2.3: Number of individuals from Family A (n = 46) with double crossovers (DCO) for each chromosome arm..

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