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Cottonwood--A Tree for all Reasons

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Title Cottonwood--A Tree for all Reasons
Creator Stettler, Reinhard
Subject Populus cottonwood riparian areas phytoremediation forest plantations water
Description There are many raisons-d’ètre for cottonwood, and members of Populus in general: foundation species of riparian ecosystems; production trees in high-yield plantations for fiber, lumber, and energy; clean-up trees in remediation of polluted industrial sites; favorite tree for genetic engineering and widely used model system for the basic study of tree biology. I will explain and illustrate several of these incarnations, touch on recent advances and insights gained, and point to some of the...
Publisher University of Washington Water Center
Date 2011-03-18T21:13:38Z 2011-03-18T21:13:38Z 2010-03-30
Type Presentation Recording, oral
Language en_US

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