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Cold Water Fishes and Thermal Refuges in Hot Water

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Title Cold Water Fishes and Thermal Refuges in Hot Water
Creator Torgersen, Christian
Subject streams water temperature microhabitats aquatic habitat aquatic environment refuge habitats temperature profiles fish heat tolerance heat stress cold tolerance cold stress Salmonidae water
Description Torgersen will discuss coldwater refuges: 1. What role do they play in salmonid ecology? 2. How can they be identified at multiple spatial scales? 3. Can their distribution be predicted based on hydrologic and geomorphic associations? 4. How can they be protected and restored in degraded rivers? 5. Behavior and movement patterns (refuge use by large and small individuals). 6. Physiological consequences: thermal tolerances and growth. 7. Genetic differences in thermal tolerances: redband... U.S. Geological Survey.
Publisher University of Washington Water Center
Date 2011-04-01T17:53:37Z 2011-04-01T17:53:37Z 2008-11-25
Type Presentation Recording, oral
Language en_US

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