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The Privatization of Water in the Developing World

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Title The Privatization of Water in the Developing World
Creator Gale, Diana
Subject water management water supply water distribution water policy water resources business partnerships nongovernmental organizations government agencies water utilities investment privatization economic policy water developing countries infrastructure
Description Gale will begin with an overview of water issues in the developing world. It's all about money: massive investment is needed, but long-term investments can be scarce. Privatization has become a term that creates conflict, so Gale will present the public-private partnership (PPP) model for tackling these issues. She will outline a variety of challenges, and how PPPs can be structured to resolve these problems. The key is to create a balanced partnership with government so that government...
Publisher University of Washington Water Center
Date 2011-04-25T17:45:31Z 2011-04-25T17:45:31Z 2006-01-31
Type Presentation
Language en_US

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