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Hidden Hazards in Fragranced Consumer Products

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Title Hidden Hazards in Fragranced Consumer Products
Creator Steinemann, Anne C.
Subject odors odor compounds volatile compounds labeling laws and regulations human health and safety percentage ingredient labeling hypersensitivity volatile organic compounds environmental fate water quality water pollution water wastewater personal care products household products
Description This fact sheet provides an overview of fragranced consumer products. The fact sheet is organized into a series of questions and answers, explaining the current situation, health and environmental effects, and consumer options. A list of further resources is presented.
Publisher University of Washinton Water Center
Date 2011-08-17T23:46:35Z 2011-08-17T23:46:35Z 2009-02
Type Technical Report
Language en_US
Relation The Water Center Fact Sheet;Hidden Hazards in Fragranced Consumer Products

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