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Technology Review: Ultra-Urban Stormwater Treatment Technologies

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Title Technology Review: Ultra-Urban Stormwater Treatment Technologies
Creator Brueske, Christopher C.
Subject urban development watersheds stormwater urban runoff stormwater management pollutants total suspended solids water quality Washington environmental monitoring watershed hydrology
Description This paper provides a review of "ultra-urban" stormwater treatment technologies. "Ultra-urban" technologies are designed to remove pollutants from wet weather runoff in highly developed areas where land values are high and available space is limited. These technologies differ from traditional stormwater treatment methods (e.g., water quality ponds and grass swales) in that they are extremely compact and can be retrofitted into existing stormwater collection systems. The technologies included...
Publisher University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Date 2011-12-30T21:26:38Z 2011-12-30T21:26:38Z 2000-09-01
Type Technical Report
Language en_US

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