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Vegetated Stormwater Facility Maintenance

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Title Vegetated Stormwater Facility Maintenance
Creator Cammermayer, Jon W. Horner, Richard R. Chechowitz, Naomi
Subject highways hydraulic structures water quality biofiltration bioretention areas stormwater stormwater management roadside plants Washington
Description This study had three objectives and associated work components: Component 1 -- assess routine highway ditch cleaning alternatives ("Service Levels") for water quality benefits; Component 2—survey biofiltration swales to evaluate conditions promoting water quality benefits; and Component 3—assess restabilization and revegetation options for use after ditch cleaning and for restoring biofiltration swale vegetation. Washington State Transportation Commission; U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration
Publisher University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Date 2011-12-30T21:42:18Z 2011-12-30T21:42:18Z 2000-12
Type Technical Report
Language en_US

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