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Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest

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Title Urban Stream Rehabilitation in the Pacific Northwest
Creator Booth, Derek B. Karr, James R. Schauman, Sally Konrad, Christopher P. Morley, Sarah A. Larson, Marit G. Henshaw, Patricia C. Nelson, Erin J. Burges, Stephen J.
Subject urban areas urbanization streams Washington lowlands ecological restoration urban development environmental degradation watersheds hydrologic factors urban runoff stream channels anthropogenic activities
Description Our goal in this project has been to develop a robust approach to urban stream rehabilitation, using examples from the Puget Lowland region of western Washington, that blends knowledge from the physical, biological, and social sciences by: 1) documenting the consequences of urban development on urban streams; 2) understanding the causes of the resulting ecological degradation; and 3) using that understanding to evaluate rehabilitation strategies and techniques. Environmental Protection Agency
Publisher University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Date 2011-12-30T22:19:34Z 2011-12-30T22:19:34Z 2001-03-30
Type Technical Report
Language en_US

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