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Performance comparison of stormwater biofiltration designs

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Title Performance comparison of stormwater biofiltration designs
Creator Limouzin, Maƫlle Lawler, Desmond F. Barrett, Michael E.
Subject stormwater biofiltration nutrients
Description A biofiltration system is a stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) that uses a biologically active filtration bed to remove contaminants. This type of BMP is preferred because it provides the opportunity for pollutant uptake (particularly nutrients) by vegetation in an aesthetically pleasing design. The goals of this research, proposed by the City of Austin, Texas, are to assess the role of plants in nutrient removal and to compare the pollutant removal effectiveness of biofiltration...
Publisher Center for Research in Water Resources, University of Texas at Austin
Date 2011-04-14T15:21:53Z 2011-04-14T15:21:53Z 2011-03 2011-04-14
Type Technical Report
Language eng
Relation CRWR online report;2010-05

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