Furnishing City Of The US – Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids – The Furnishings City of the US

Among the most industrialized and thriving cities in the United States is Grand Rapids. It lies on the banks of the River Grand, 30 miles from Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is 114th largest city in the United States.

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The city is nicknamed as the Furniture City as the furniture industry was when extremely strong here. A significant part of the economy was contributed by this industry. Over the time period, many other industries too came up and the city lost its splendor with regards to making furniture.

Today there is a more dynamic and diverse mix of financial activities in the city as well as the surrounding communities. Healthcare, vehicle and consumer goods making markets play a major function in the present economy.

The People of Grand Rapids

The people of Grand Rapids strictly follow the maxim “living today without jeopardizing the capability of future generations to live equally, also, or better.” This is rather visible in the numerous efforts that the companies have actually required having a sustainable advancement of the city. The city is blessed with plentiful natural deposits and they aim to protect and maintain these resources. Hence the numerous Green Efforts were taken up by the city authorities.

Grand Rapids is the only city in the US which has more LEED-certified structures per capita than any other city. LEED stands for Management in Energy and Environmental Style. It is the firm which defines what constitutes a “Green Structure.”

Grand Rapids is a leading center for arts and culture

Grand Rapids is a leading center for arts and culture. It is the home of great dining and a scintillating nightlife. There many beaches around the city and also a lake which brings out the charm of the city to the fore. There is a great scope for outside activities in the area which brings in a lot of visitors all the all year.

There are several reasons regarding why one should visit this city but below are provided some of the major ones:

The Blues at the B.O.B: This is a multi-faceted entertainment center and dining establishment complex which includes 5 restaurants, a micro-brewery, a nightclub, comedy club and private rooms with a seating as much as 500 people. Lots of known national blues artist carry out here every Wednesday and it is an experience worth opting for.

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Glass Sculptures: one of the reasons for going to Grand Rapids is the big scale exhibition of glass short articles by Dale Chihuly who is a globally known face in the field of glass sculpting. This occasion occurs in Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. These figures can be seen from 30th April to 30th September.