Grain Sheds – The Money Makers!

Farmers across WA have decided to take grain storage into their own hands. Interest in Shed storage solutions due to their multi-functional ability. Growers with on farm storage are given the opportunity to delay sale of their crop to take advantage of the market fluctuations, maximising returns. Growers have had the ability to pay for their Grain Shed in as little as two years by taking advantage of these opportunities.

It is predicted that in less than ten years, over 50% of farms will have their own on farm storage systems. Not long ago Grain Shed sales were seasonal, usually only around harvest time, when it was front of mind for farmers. In recent times we have seen this change with Grain Sheds being ordered twelve months of the year, allowing farmers to avoid issues and capitalize on opportunities all year round.

Other benefits of Grain Shed storage include:

  • The ability to blend grains and optimise specifications is a major benefits of an on-farm storage facility.
  • Sheds can provide dual-purpose functionality for storage of other products including fertiliser and machinery.
  • Our sheds can be continually used and have a retained value on-farm with a service life expected to exceed 30 years.
  • It gives growers flexibility to take advantage of lower transport costs available outside peak time.
  • On farm storage allows growers opportunities to sell during times of higher grain prices.
  • Grain and extreme weather conditions don’t mix, steel grain sheds will prevent grain form spoiling easily all year round.
  • Effective ventilation and free flowing air prevents moisture from getting in and keeps your grain in pristine condition.

When weighing up the benefits versus the cost of a Wheatbelt Steel Grain Shed solution, work it out on a dollars per tonne basis. By having an on farm Grain Shed, you will experience multiple financial gains due to improvements in harvest logistics or timelines, market premiums, freight savings and the ability to clean, blend or dry grain to add value.

“I had seen the sliding roof concept before and liked the idea as it eliminates towing a conveyor out every time you get a delivery of fertiliser and it’s also handy extra storage for grain. There doesn’t seem to be too many people that make them but through the local concrete mob (Dallcon) I discovered Wheatbelt Steel did. They worked in with Dallcon, who did the concrete, and delivered a great result. Overall a top product and works well!” – Tony Snell, Owner

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